how do i save my anamations

how to i save my anamations into a rendered movie clip?
plz give me step by step information

If you set the output to save as a movie file (I.E. AVI) then it will save it in your tmp folder(normally C: mp)

Also note that you also have to be careful of doing renders to see what the frame looks like, it renders over the movie file, bad if you have just spent 5 hours rendering an animation

i went on the output and cliked on it and then i went 2 file and press save as and it dident do anything

F10 then the anim button to start rendering your animation.

i press f10 but the a new windo comes were the anim botten was and i press anim and a screan comes up and its blak

and i see numbers going up on the blak “rendered” screen and i got alot of pictured saved that are blak …