How Do I Save My Animations?

Hi, I was wondering how I could save my animations in AVI format with a codek of Cinepak?
Thanks for any help.:slight_smile:

when you are happy with the animation

go the Scene buttons (F10)

set the animation start and end frame
change the output from Jpeg (default) to avi codec and choose Cinepak

then hit the animate button (or Ctrl+F12)

and wait for it to finish
then you’re done

(by default it is saved in /tmp folder)

Hey, Thank you so much!:smiley:
I’ll try it out.

Help! :frowning:
I saved it just as waylow suggested, but it was only a still image. What happened?

hit the animate button - not the render

waylows way works but here is a better workflow which will save you lots of grieve later on.

First prepare your animation.
In the renderpanels setup your animation to be rendered out as a image (I prefer png or openexr because of their lossless nature). Choose the output path in the first render panel I think it is called output.
Once you are satisfied and you have setup the range of your animation press the Animate button.
Once the animation is finished go into the output folder you will see lots of images (png or jpg, etc… depending what you choose to render ) that have a sequencenumber attached to them ranging from 0000 to a max of 9999.
These are your single frames.
Now go into the sequenceeditor in blender.
Choose add image from the add menu and select all the frames from your output folder that you want to include in your animation. They will be added as a strip to the sequence editor.
Now you can edit the strip and add effects or simply leave it like that.
Once you are satisfied with the setup go to the render panels again and below the animation button activate “do sequence”.
Now choose the codec you want and configure it.
Once you are done press the animate button and blender will render out the sequenceeditor into your favourite codec.

Why go through all this hussle you may ask?
Well first of all if you render out single frames you can stop the render at any time and not loose the data you have allready rendered since you can always adjust the range you want to render out and continue from where you left off.
You can edit the frames after wards and postprocess them.
You can add neat effects in the sequence editor.
You can render the same sequence into different codecs with almost no effort what’s so ever.
Believe me this will save you tons of work once you get used to it.

I dont quite know what you mean musk. And I did hit Animate. Am I at fault or is it Blender?

wiki updated: Maybe more work needed to make a tutorial…

DartGuy: Have you gone thru the Noob to Pro wikibooks, and the First Animation in 30 minutes tutorial? It’s all explained in those.

I just kind of skipped through the Noob to Pro wikibooks. I’ll start looking at them right away. Thanks.