how do I save programs that I make in python 2.6.5 properly?

I’ve been following bucky’s tutorial on youtube about programming in python but the problem is it’s that he’s using python 2.6.1 and I’m using python 2.6.5 I’m on the fifth video it’s about how to save your programs each time I run my saved python program the python program terminate itself down after doing what it’s supposed to do it’s like the program show for just a few seconds then it dissapears so the video instruct me to type “raw_input (“Press<enter>”)” which I did but the problem still remain unsolved the video showed that python got no problem running on the guy’s tutorial so I thought maybe it’s because he’s using python version 2.6.1 and I’m using 2.6.5 there must be some kind of changes between the two versions so that’s my question what should I type to run my python program without it ends itself?

(no pain no game) P.S I really need to learn python I wan’t to be able to make much more complex games so I hope some of you guys here on this forum could help me out :spin: spinning…spinning…ahh…programming is making my head spin…

get rid of the space between


. And please use code tags ([ CODE] [ /CODE ] just remove the spaces).

hey I tried what you said but it didn’t work…well it kinda did but I had to uninstalled python 2.6.5 and install it again on my computer so thanks:) so maybe it was a technical issue with python or something I dunno:\

The method you describe should work to delay complete termination of the python shell. The last executed statement should be: raw_input("<some text>") which will remain on the screen until you press Enter.

Maybe you should post some code that is not behaving properly.