How do I scale items simultaneously? (Same mesh)

Alright, now here is the real problem.

If you take an object with multiple faces, go into edit mode and extrude. You can’t scale properly.

What I want to do is select multiple faces and have them scale when you hit s instead of having them scale towards a common point for all the selected faves.

I want them all to scale on their own face. (So all the extruded object scale down, instead of warping towards a median point)

How can I do this?

Set the pivot point to Individual origins.
Choose Mesh->Extrude individual.
Escape from the extrusion.
Scaling with ‘S’ now scales each face on its own centre.

Best wishes,

Set pivot point to ‘Individual Origins’. You must be in face select mode, & you might get weird results if the faces are attached (you could try Alt+E -> ‘Individual Faces’ to extrude separate faces)

edit: what MCollett said…