How do I sculpt on a character's face after I've already set keyframes for animation?

Maya_2.rar (1.2 MB)

I’ve already set a few keyframes for animation and I don’t wanna take those away but I would like to sculpt the face to make it more beautiful. I tried cursor with selected and selection or cursor to recenter the character to the cursor so I could sculpt and have it mirrored on the X plane. But that didn’t work as there seems to be some sort of offset between the character and the 3D cursor that makes it say it’s centered but it is still far away and I can’t sculpt symmetrically. I added my blender file as a zipped file because it was too big to upload…so you can look at it. Thank you!

Keyframes correspond to the Rig/armature and not the mesh directly…only problems you may end up with are weighting if you start changing the head to neck area…
I just ( Made Beautiful ?) Maya…and animation still plays just fine…It is when you add SHAPE KEYS then things get really messed up with re-sculpting!

I appreciate it so much thank you for that information.! Just for the record that is nowhere close to the kind of girl I think looks good it just came over wonky from makehuman. This is what I’m going for in my as to my efforts :cowboy_hat_face:related to sculpting.

:sunglasses:’it’s what we’re all going for