How do i see textures before rendering?

I have a couple things textured, but when I have the draw type to textured, it only shows colors. I remember it showing up before. What do I do to make it show up?

I read that only UV images work without rendering. This is really hard to texture! Is there any way I can see what I’m doing instead of having to render all the time? It’s taking so long to put on a simple window texture! I like how lightwave has Viper, where it only renders out what you change, while leaving the previous render on there. Is there anything similar to lightwave’s viper in blender? One other thing that might make things easier…Is there an auto size button for textures?

Shift-P for a preview window. You should turn of RAY and OSA before, so you have a nice fast redraw.

Thank you! That really helped.