How do I see the properties of this stool object and why does it link to everything?

ITs not grouped. its not a ctrl g or ctrl j

So I am trying to understand Blenders Behavior. These all turn orange and they are stubbornly stuck together.
Here I do not know what to make of this.WhycantIungroup.blend (942.2 KB)
This stool came from a addon i got from gumroad. IF I wanted to make these object act like this how would I do it ? and How do I see the properties of this stool to find out why its hooked up to everything.

I don’t understand the question. These objects are merely all selected.

i think he’s saying he can’t select the one in particular without all of them being selected.
i sometimes have problems myself when i select something and some other part of something else way off miles away and not included in within the selection area, gets selected also. but i think this may be some sort of virus i picked up somewhere somehow having invaded my instal of blender. except my example only happens when i have a really loaded up scene with tons of stuff in it.

at any rate two solutions, neither guaranteed, but what usually works for me, is to use those twenty layers. put things you don’t want selected together on different layers from each other, and select the one or ones you want, with only the layer you’ve put them on, turned on.

the other thing, even then, is whenever you, use circle select rather then box select. circle select seems to do a better job of only selecting what you intend with it. box select is quick to select stacked verticies in edit mode.

i have a personal standard of what kinds of things i put on what layers. cameras have their own layer, light sources have theirs, and then different kinds of geometry have theirs.

This is 2.81, there aren’t any twenty layers.

The stool, called Cylinder is parented to the object called Plane. The camera isn’t. In the Outliner you can open up the Plane object and see the stool object attached to it.

Ctrl+Alt+G (in Object mode) removes things from a Collection. You only have one Collection. If you are telling Blender to remove them from this then that’s why they disappear.