How Do I Select More than One Point At the Same Time?

I am doing the “Winter Scene” Tutorial and im supposed to select all the points at the right side of the cone, but i dont know how to select many. I know its a stupid question but i cant find the answer, please tell me how to do it.

Hold Shift while you select your points, you can select multiples that way. Or Hold Ctrl and click and drag, you get a lasso to select as many verts as you want.

To do them individually, hold Shift while right-clicking. I would assume that you don’t want that, so here are some more ways:
B: box select
BB: brush select
Control LMB: lasso select

Thanks for taking the time to answer :wink:

There are several ways to select multiple points. The first is to hold the Shift key while clicking the points you want. You can also press B and then drag a box around the points you want with LMB. If you press B twice, you can select by holding down LMB, deselect with MMB, exit this mode with RMB.

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