How do I select named objects?

I know that objects named “Armature”, “Armature.001” and “Armature.002” exist in my .blend scene because if I add a new armature it is automatically named “Armature.003”.

I don’t know the location of the other objects. How can I select them so that I may know their location?


You can change one of Blenders windows to the OOPS Schematic (click on the menu tab in the window header and pick OOPS Schematic - a little bowling pin thing as seen from above). Use the numeric keypad + and - keys to zoom in and out (mouse wheel works too). When you right click on the light grey boxes, the corresponding objects will be selected. I’m using 2.34 and this is the only way I know of doing it. From what I understand, 2.35 will have a better method using a tree structure similar to Windows explorer.

Hope this helps a bit :smiley: