How do i set a mech to shadow only

Note the title should be Mesh not Mech

Hey, I am trying to composite a 3d object to real world and some one posted that to make the shadow i should set a plane to Shadow Only

How do i do that. I have looked all over the place but can’t find it

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Interesting Fact: This has nothing to do with the question but i thought i would post this little story anyway while i am here

Today my Interactive media class went to a Digital Studio at a science place in a city nearby. They had a ton of computers which everyones was different. and mine was the only one to have Blender on the desktop

We didn’t use it today as we were doing audio but i mentioned it to the supervisor there that i had been using it for a few years and he said he had installed it but had gotten confused at the UI and didn’t know how to use it. I told him about the Wikibook and other tutorials and said it was a very powerful and great program but it takes a while to learn though.

Check out the material settings and Shaders panel. You can find OnlyShadows button there. That might be it.