How do I set an object as a particle?

that’s it. stupid question I bet, but I don’t know how. this is for baking to IPOS for a game engine sim, so I want objects “raining” down and spontaneously generated by a particle emitter, with particle dynamics and game engine dynamics.

actually, the more I think about it the more complicated it gets. will the particle physics allow a parented object to have game engine attributes? (i.e. also deflected by a field like wind at the same time it could have friction and bounce?)

You can use dupliverts to make it particle.

Yep, duplivert the object you want as particles to the particle emitter.

There’s a nice particles tutorial here - it is for creating Lightning effects, but should help anyway.

awesome tut tom - I’ve looked at a lot of them and somehow I missed this one. I’m always looking for new particle tuts. thanks!