How do I set up Python, etc

I’m trying to install Blender so I can learn how to edit .mesh files.

I’ve heard I need special versions of Blender and python and special import/export scripts which all need to be installed on very out of the way locations. Can someone please tell me what I need and where for windows 7?

Blender includes it’s own python libraries so you only need to download blender (say, from or It doesn’t matter too much which version you get or where you install it (as long as it’s a windows build), but for consistence I’ve installed mine in c:/blender.

By default, blender comes with a bunch of addons (which run through python scripts – ie, you don’t have to set up python yourself), some are enabled some are disabled. You can further choose to install scripts if you find some you like while browsing these forums. To see the options for addons, in blender go to menu: File -> User Preferences -> Addons.

If you are looking for export for Ogre you need to install this script
Import/export can(?) be done using this
There are more things to set up but you do not need any additional python installation, just follow the guide after you install script using User Preferences Addons button and point to downloaded script or zip file.

Awesome thanks!