How do I set up the grid?

Another (stupid) newbie question. How/Where do I set up the grid? I need a grid with lines based on powers of 2.
I’m working on imported meshes that typically are 256 units so the default setup in Bender don’t work too well. If i scale the model 0,01 the grid line will have to be at say 0,08 0,16 0,32 and so on. I would like snap to be 0.5 of a original mesh unit (0,005 in the example).
I have searched and found a lot of references to grid but nothing om how to set it up.

Look for view/view properties in your 3d window’s menu bar.

Thanks macouno! :smiley:
Different grid settings in each window, nice!

Every 10 grid line is darker, 8 or 16 would suit me better. Can I change it?

Can I change it?

Ofcourse! Blender is Open Source!

I can assure you that I have absolutely no intention of ever learning, C, C+, C++, VC++, python, lisp or even basic. So, can I change it?


[edit] ehm that is unless you can convince a programmer to do it for you :stuck_out_tongue: [/edit]