How do I set what image to bake to?

please scold me if this is a stupid question, I have looked all over the interface, I have googled, I have even raged.

How do I set what image to bake to?
Why is it not more obvious? it must be of common use!

Create a new image or open one in a UV/Image editor window

I’ve done that, I have baked images before, how do I set which image to bake to? I have 6 images and blender seems to think there is none it can bake to.
UV layouts fine, I have 2 images, 512x and 1024x blank and ready for baking.
How would I tell blender to bake to one of them?

thanks for that.
I did search quite a bit, though it was through google, but google, through everything I searched only came up with blender python scripts and render artifact topics.
May I also say (and I’m sure someone agrees with me) that it is very unclear that UV’s are fixed to images when it comes to baking.
I hope in a later version a much clearer way for friendly GUI’s sake, is introduced (for example, actually picking an image from the drop down.

Regardless, thanks for the help.

it is not bad to use the google-search - it is sometimes (or most times) better than the blenderartists-forum search. To use google this way,
one should select the “advanced search” from the simple first google-search page
and enter for “Domains” to restrict the search to “”.
Its quick and if blenderartists has performace problems its the best way to get hits for the search from the google-cache (instead of trying to load the original page).
To get search-results for blender-2.5x, it might help to add “2.5” as search parameter too, even so some may be lost.