How do I show textures in viewports?

I want to see textures in the 3D viewport in Blender, using 2.54 Beta. When I change the Viewport Shading mode to “Textured”, everything just comes out bright white and I see no texture detail. I know the material is applied properly, because I see the texture when I press F12 to render. How do I get this to work?

you’re probably looking for GLSL shading - T KEY under display, you can change that to GLSL and it will look nice.
The other option is to change the view to SHADED.

Thanks for the reply, but I’m afraid I don’t follow you. What do you mean by “T key under display”? Pressing T toggles the “tool shelf” on and off.

And where do I “change the view to shaded”? That’s not one of the options in the “Viewport Shading” list.

AMDBCG means press the N key. In the properties panel that pops up under the ‘Display’ settings select GLSL while you’re in textured view mode. Note that your graphics card needs to support GLSL for this to work.

Thanks, that seems to work. I guess there’s just a bug in the fixed-function rendering when set to Textured mode. I’ll report something on the bug tracker.