How do I simulate particles in the BGE?

Hey everyone, as in subject, how do I simulate particles in the BGE?
This could be useful to add effects such as rain, fire, etc.

I know I need an actuator, but I know nothing more.

I did a quick search and didn’t find anything (in this forum). Excuse me if this is a duplicate, it may be.

You’re going to have a bad time if you use an actuator. You might be able to pull off rain with add object actuator but not fire ad most other things. There is an addon for easyEmit for stuff like fire. But if you want to make your own fire, you will need to use python.

Yes, I taken Python in account.
I also already seen easyEmit, but I wonder if there’s something more generic/powerful.

Thanks by the way.

  • hi there, here I used a random on two axes. This reduces the emit of particles from the plane (you can use it as a tutorial) - for the effect of snow, and rain…
    Fire is created in two ways:
  • texture animation (very realistic)
  • particles and actuator - Edit Object/Add Object

Here I made an example in a hurry (first option) - fire_test01(text_anim).blend (1.2 MB) (run in external player)


Thanks Nick.

  • No problem. But I forgot to write about the third method - a volumetric shader.

Is this really possible?

  • About the shader? Maybe for Martins. I personally do not know the shader language.

Who is Martins? I can’t see any post by him here…

volumetrics is totally possible*

I used a KDTree to set vertex color on mesh that is a bunch of cubes,

I keep track of which vertex are not 0 alpha, and reduce them down back to 0 and pop off the list

Apr 2016 - you registered with this date and do not know the shadermaster Martins Upitis? Strange …

No, I didn’t follow here so much.
In truth, I also subscribed to many other Graphic/Music/development forums.

  • of course, of course …

I remembered there is an addon - easyEmit

Martins Upitis is like a Blender Game Engine god. He is the shader master here.

Nick, you’ve already mentioned easyEmit

  • God? Come on man! The child of the Gods - is yes. Limit - the master shader, and then how it sounds pompous - god :smiley:
  • no, I’m talking about the emitter of particles, I did not mention the easyEmit - creating an example of a platformer, I did not look into the code easyEmit - because I’m trying to make a clean code. I do not need “paint on my face”:rolleyes:.

I’m sorry, but I understood nothing…