How do I smooth this out?

How do I smooth this out:

Without turning it into this:

I clciked the smooth button and the subsurft modier to 3 but it deforms the mesh.

Subsurface always deforms the mesh a little bit…

Do you mean the line down the center?

If so, my guess would be to look for extra polygons facing sideways/inward along the center line there.

In edit mode, front view, switch to face selection mode, zoom in to see the torso and pelvis, and do a box select to see if there are any polygons on the y-axis line.

If you used a mirror modifier, is the merge value turned up high enough so that all the centerline verticies are being merged properly like they should?

I hope that can help!

If that doesn’t work can you upload your blend file to
and then link the result here?

Try using the edge-split modifier with smooth,if you want to use subsurf then you will need to redo the mesh (try learning hard surface modeling)

You got that right edge split I forgot that I used it on my bike a long ago.

I looks fine now.