How do I smoothly stop/start/slowdown a camera on certain path points?

  1. How do I slow the animation on certain points of the path? And even stop it on certain points?
    What I have do now is the following:
    Made a bezier, put camera on the starting point of the bezier…selected bezier and camera, pressed ALT P. The camera follows the path along the amount of frame that I enter in bezier>data>path animation>frames field.

now I have read that in order to slow down the camera on certains points…I need to keyframe the "evaluation time " field. However, when i try to do this… im getting an error (zie picture). So im not sure how to solve this error.

  1. how do I make the animation start later than the first frame . I know this is done using offset…but im not exactly sure how.

  2. how do I create easy in/out movement of the camera (so it graduatlly eases in to a stop, or a start…like a velocity bezier ramp)

Im know with using graph editor and keyframes in After effects and Premiere…but this is all pretty new to me so apologies for these noob questions.

I have included the blend file. Thanks !

What you need is a follow path constraint, and then animate the value from zero to one as needed

Thank you for your answer, but can you be more specific? You are talking about the offset value right?

When I manipulate it, i can slow down the camera no problem…but how do i speed it up? Cause when i put the offset to postive… I goes backwards on the path?

Do I set the frames of the animation to achieve maximum speed? And then use the offset to slow down where i want?

Never mind, I figured it out the rest! Thank you for your reply.

Cool, to reverse a curve hit alt+c in edit mode, welcome