How do I snap a collection of vertices to a certain point

I’m trying to move the center of a collection of selected vertices to a certain point (say, my 3d cursor). Every snapping command I try seems to move each individual vertex in the collection to that point - collapsing the structure. I want to move the structure as a whole to the target point.

Thanks in advance.

If you hit N to bring up the transform panel you can change the median location values of the selected polygons. So if you wanted to “snap” to a location, just record the X Y and Z of that location and copy/paste those values into the median values.

Hope it helps :slight_smile: Welcome to BlenderArtists!

Thanks so much, I’ll give that a shot.

Depending on what you ant to do. Shift+S and use Selection to Curser if you want to selected objects to the 3d curser