How do i snap to gird in Blender?

Hello dear people,

i want know - i would nice Game Engine from Blender 2.6.2.

I am working with Blender - WITHOUT SNAP-TO-GIRD.

I would know:
How do i snap to gird?
If i move or rotate or scale my figure?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for tip!

But i know… I would snap-to-gird… Why do i should use with Shift-C?

No I mean “SNAP-TO-GIRD” If i create plane in Blender than i can not move to snapping gird. If i will cleanning modelling or mapping :slight_smile: Like another CAD Application can snap-to-gird…

Thank you…

Notice that you can click the magnet icon in your window header or use the shift c hotkey. like wise with the magnet icon enabled the hotkey works in reverse.

I use the “CTRL” key while moving/scaling/rotation to snap top gird. Need to be in orthograpihc view and zoom in for more detailed grid. In perspective view you only have the 1x1 Blender units size grid. Don’t know if this is what you are looking for.

Yeah you are right. But How do i know like units for 10x10 snap-to-gird. If i move, rotate and scale clean and bad project… I can not snap currect units :frowning: I just want to point and accurate. If I as a model 1.000x1.000 units or less than units. I do not think my project would be finished model in Blender odd.


  1. You can set the grid accuracy by: N (Numerical tool) > Display > Scale > (Default 1.000)
  2. You can readjust your model by choosing 1 center vertex and readjust the whole vertices using shift to the acurate point.
  3. You can view/adjust in that (Numerical tool) the “Edge Length” by scaling it the whole vertices

You should define the model dimensions before you even start with the model. All models within a project should base on the same scale.

It is also important to keep in mind. The physics engine (bullet2) defines 1BU = 1meter.

It is hard but not impossible to change the scale/origin/orientation later. If you have hundreds of objects it is an awful lot of work, even if this are a few clicks per object.

It is weird that two whole people said Shift+c, which doesn’t do what the user asked: it recenters the 3d View and the 3d Cursor at the global Origin.

Shift+s is where you can align an object to its nearest grid point, Shift+Tab toggles snapping (as does holding down Ctrl during a transformation), Ctrl+Shift+Tab switches snapping modes (and the default is Increment, where it snaps to the grid), and finally holding down Shift during an Increment-snap constrains the movement to 1/10 BU .


:no:HA absolutely correct it is CTRL. When I expanded on the first post I didnt pay attention to correct that.

Thank you for help… I am tried… i have been found 3D Cusor :frowning: I am crazy because i old time cusor in dimension because i don’t see that. Thank you for tipp. Now i am working with Blender. I am happy for tricks with Blender :slight_smile: I am tried with 3 cube ( faked view like you did know about old drawing )

:slight_smile: But i know same because Blender-Units are not cleanned :frowning: I am hard of working :frowning: I must try again :slight_smile:


if you want to clean up the vertex positions (e.g. at the border of the mesh) you can select one and directly change its position at the side menu (<n>).

That helps too if you have a mirror modifier and the parts do not fit together.

Thanks for nice talk! I would know… Sorry i am same noob :frowning: Because i am working with Blender But i am not advanced Model Editor. Thanks for help! I will learn alone… I will give you Big Thanks :slight_smile: I am sorry, I am here new. Thank you for Welcome your forum :slight_smile:

Sorry for double Post. I want save model but why does Blender delete my great model :frowning: “Recover Last Sessions” is crazy Menu Item. How do i go back. I WANT GO BACK MY SKATE RAMP :frowning: I would save it :frowning: Buhu!

there might be a backup version (auto saved) where you saved your file.

But make sure you always save before you quit Blender.
Blender assumes that when you close Blender you do want to close Blender,…

Thanks for help! YOu help me enough. Is this forum very helpfully :slight_smile: I am working with Blender 2.62.

Can i ask about Collision ( just use blocked model-solid ). I would like Ramps for Skaters. I have been exported into Source-Engine ( just play with HL2 and CS:Source etc ). And i tested with model in In-Game. Than i see becasue a player doesn’t stand floor and ramp that player flies over ramp. Why? Now i want know where is Collisons-Block ( Physic-Box ) Thanks