How do I solve this Freestyle Lines problem?

-In this example, one lines group appears and the other doesn’t,
despite the fact that both situations are parallel identical. One of these
problems begins at frame 380. I should certainly get a symmetrical,
consistent display of lines in this situation.

How can I prevent rendering doing my Freestyle Edges so inconsistently?


Animation.blend (923 KB)

-Is there someone who can show me how to eliminate my problems like these?
Is there work in progress to eliminate these errors? Can someone who knows reply to me,

Adjust your faces on the left side so they are below the faces you want to show. The camera can’t see through the planes.

-As far as I tell, I have already achieved that. All faces are all correctly
“within” one another. What then is going is wrong All the numeric fields seem to be equivalent.
Can someone particularly demonstrate where the discrepencies are, or how to
fix these freestyle line inconsistencies?

Is there someone who can please help here, by showing and responding?

Yep. I’ve already gone through these options. Due to the separate, multiple layer
view complexity of my animation model, I find that the only solution I find is
one where I start specifying different integer QI values. I either see everything
in full “wire frame” form, with absolutely all my freestyle marks included, or I
get too many or too few.

I think what I need is just better default upper surface (closest to camera) detection.
What exactly is going on in this area? Is there anything ready for people
to use? How far away are such “fixes”?

might the problem rather be that your paper doesnt have a thickness.
Since your all bending on on the same z height it becommes a gamble to render visible/invisible lines.
Not a problem of blender but rather a problem of someone not understanding how 3d works.

You could solve this by bending 359 degrees instead of 360 , as a bonus if your bending something on itself again, it becomes more clear to the viewer of how it is made. Even in the real world we cannt bend something into itself by bending 360, it has to be always less.

I am aware of the issues involved with object superposition as in my example, as I was before I started.
I would have thought that without z-fighting per se being an issue, that parallel circumstances
would be treated similarly by the Blender Renderer (or any Blender 3D Render Engine.) I would have
thought that the FreeStyle Lines system would at least have detected and treated things in equivalent fashion,
particularly if all objects involved were handed the same reference to only one Material object.

I have been made aware that there were Freestyle Lines implementation issues with Frame or Animation Render
modes in Blender, where Freestyle Lines have been marked.

-Is there someone who can comment on my example, in regards to inconsistency rendering, and the present work
on FreeStyle Lines underway?

-Is there someone who can offer solution advice to my particular animation here?