How do i spread out the rendering task

ok so i have a dell studio xps 8100
intel core i5 650
8gb ram
1tb hard drive
windows 7

and i want to make almost realistic like Shrek quality stuff but i dont want the whole think to be on my computer so i have 2 old systems:
pentenelium 4
512 ram
???gb hard drive

and i want to use them so i figure thats 6 cores to use and i have seen the network render thing so how do i do it?

check the “making of” articles of my short film
special techniques for fast rendering and good quality!
maybe it help

just today i was looking into network rendering and found this very nice tutorial by some chap from the forums, forgot the name.
i got it to work, sort of, it renders something but all images turn out black.
lets hope that it works for you.

I don’t think this belongs in the news and discussion but in the support forums, pls scroll down a bit next time :slight_smile:

Second shrek actually consumed millions of rendering hours, there were some articles about the differences between shrek 1 2 and 3, and they doubled the amount of render time with each movie if I remember correctly. Which were state of the art computers.

Luckily high quality stuff doesn’t necessarily require insane amounts of rendering. There are some renderqueue programs out there as far as I know.
Dr. Queue is one of them , I remember some stuff like farmer joe or something that was being developped a long time ago.

But you might be better off installing a linux distro and just render stuff overnight on your main pc, as those 2 pentium 4s aren’t gonna be much in the long run imho :slight_smile:

anyway, good luck with your almost realistic like Shrek quality stuff :slight_smile:

you could try to run the network render over hamachi and ask your friends to let their machines render for you over night. I’m planning to try that once i get rid of the black images problem.

btw, aiming high is never a bad thing, even if you fail you’ll have learned something and judging from endis work, its definetly possible.

I got it to work with the instructions in the wiki

unfortunately, it doesn’t help with baking

Or try LokiRender, based on java, no setup necessary.

Cheers mib

Have you had any luck getting this to work? I have the same issue. It renders on it’s own but shows up black when using the netrender. The web Master Monitor indicates all’s clear as well.


Order you startup the master/slave/client is the most important thing I found. Did get it working in the end.

I’ve done exactly that but I still have no luck. I’m going to continue this in the support section.

thanks for the input.

Pretty nice movie! Love the colors and defth.
Reminds my of ungarian paintings i’ve seen while in hollydays in Budapest.

I try to do with the help of Wiki’s instructions but it seems not to function as I thought.

The fastest way I have found to render (as well as the easiest to setup) Is the network render in Blender 2.5

Here you will Find instructions on how to set it up.

You can still create the scene in Blender 2.4 if you are still using that then open it up in 2.5 to render.

As far as the problems your having, you might try using a different build, also make sure your using the same blender version on all the nodes.