How do I start a blender game

I’m learning to use the game engine and i am such a noob at it
SO how do you start a blender game in a separate window (not in blender i wanna see the game through the camera’s view)
explanations would be greatly appreciated. :smiley:


You can watch your “game” from the camera point of view “inside” blender too
To get the camera view press Num pad 0

To get your game outside/exported you use the Save runtime function in the
file menu
You’ll obtain a binary file that will open a window when executed

but now when i start it says
This application has failed to start because SDL.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem

You must include both the python24.dll and SDL.dll files in the same directory as your executable. You can find the files in Blender’s root folder.

Hope that helps,
From Daniel

thanks so much for the help it works now
P.s. is there a way i can get the alpha data to work i clicked save rgba and im not sure if it is supported or not

You need to set the faces to alpha on the edit menu in face mode to get the alpha to be reconized.

its still not working i set the alpha in uv face select i even tried pressing add

I had a simalar problem once, does it work ok in Blender itself but not in the executable? If so, and you are using an extension like TIF for alpha images, you need to have an image extension of either PNG or TGA as far as I know those are the best supported formats for runtime…

From Daniel

the objects in my game look exactly the same if i were to run it in blender or out of blender but when i render it i see it how i want to see it out of blender and i tried changing to tiff png and its till not working

Hmm, I don’t really understand. If you upload the blend file I’ll take a look at it, there are plenty of possibilities for it not working, but I can’t say until I know what is happening…

From Daniel

I tried uploading some other files as a game and it seems that alpha and shadows or Ray functions dont work when i save it as a runtime only the base color of the object shows up

Not sure about ray, not tried exporting anything with that, but alpha does work in runtime because I have got it to work in one of my games. Are you sure you are exporting as PNG 32 and from the graphics application itself? If you are just changing the extension of the file, or exporting as regular PNG that won’t work as far as I know, you must specifically export as 32 which is the type that supports alpha. What Blender version are you using? Dynamic lighting and shadows in-game is going to be introduced in 2.41, but you can have regular object lighting by going into the uv face box in the buttons window and selecting ‘Light’ and then pressing ‘Copy DrawMode’ to apply it across all the faces.

From Daniel

im using 2.40