How do I stop a render in Yafray?

I just made a mistake. I started a Yafray render, but then I realized that I needed to change a few more settings. But I don’t know how to stop the render. I can easily close the Blender program, and reload the scene, but I don’t think I saved recently enough. With Blender internal it’s easy enough. Just press esc. But Yafray doesn’t let me do that. I have to sit the render out, which isn’t good when it’s a really long render. What do I do?



ESC has always worked for me in yafray… why is that?

Hi, is it possible that you have activated the xml-Button in the Yafray-Options? I think the ESC-Button works only when Yafray is used via the plugin (xml-Button deactivated)


Nope, xml isn’t activated. Odd.

EDIT: Wait, you say when xml button is DEACITVATED… Yea, it is deactivated.

Should I be using xml then? what are the advantages/disadvantages to both?

That would explain it! A while back I was using esc in the console, and it worked. When I went back to yafray, it didn’t.

The xml button is used to export your blender scene to an external file in xml format. It doesn’t do anything to your current render, but it DOES allow you to edit the Yafray/Blender code for the .blend scene directly, instead of using the Blender GUI. The only advantage that I know this allows, is that you can add a blurry effect to reflections and refractions (you can see what I mean from the last Yafray feature mentioned here, )). There’s no way to access this feature in the Blender GUI, as far as I know.