How do I stop the search results page from expiring?

When I do a search and the search page comes up, I cilck on a link to view one of the topics, then when I hit the back button I oftentimes get a blank page with a mesage “warning: page has expired”. How can I stop this from happening? I am using “open in new window”, but that is a pain and doesn’t make the links visited.

I don’t think theres anything you can do. Something requires you to resend the information. It might be a security feature or something in your browser that it doesnt do it automatically. Many search type features all over the Web do the same thing. Just hit refresh like it says and tell it to resend the information.

get a tabbed browser [in my case, opera… but firefox is okay too] and open the interesting threads in background tabs

so you don’t end up closing or navigating away from the search results you don’t have to resubmit the info

[also you can click the next page button to get the next page…]

actually, i believe that you can just use firefox, without tabs. i have both ff and ie, and i only run into that problem with ie.

Yes, this happens at other forums too. However, at some forums it doesn’t happen.

Doing a refresh re-queries the server and puts me back on page 1 again. A total pain. I was hoping you might know what that “security feature” is so I can adjust it.

Sorry, but after doing a little searching online on the topic, I think the expire thing is built into the page. You could do some searching of your own and see what you come up with. But from what I can tell you have to manually resend the information.

The refresh happens to me only on the first page of the search results. On any other page, I can always get back to the search results. It’s definitely a Php BB bug. I ran the phpbb software some time ago, found the same thing.

Very frustrating though…to alwys have to hit the refresh key

it is a bug that PHPBB uses post for submitting of search stuff instead of get?

… my above point still applies, if you don’t actually close the search results they will stay up just fine