How do I stop the wind effect from blowing apart my joined object?

So I have a simple object that was made by joining three separate cylinders. I’m working on creating a wind effect. When I enable Soft Body on this joined shape, it works fine - the wind blows the complete object away. However, if I try setting a Soft Body goal to pin one part of the object by weighting a selected vertex group to 1.000, I still see that Blender is treating the object like three separate cylinders. The cylinder with the vertex group behaves as expected (flapping nicely) but the other two cylinders blow away as if they aren’t joined… How do I make this one large flapping object?

You need to pin each of them down as if it is different object.

Hmmm - they create one long extended shape. If I pin each cylinder down, won’t it act like three cylinders pinned down? I need it to act like one shape, pinned only on one end.

I would try linking the cylinders together using just edges (which should be invisible to the renderer) or with actual faces which will be hidden by a mask modifier or an opacity map.

If your three cylinders are aligned end to end and combined into a single mesh with Join, the vertices at the joints are not automatically merged, so in effect, there are three separate sets of vertices being affected. They must be turned into a contiguous single mesh in order for Soft Body to work on them as a single unit.

To do this, in Edit Mode, make sure the vertices at the joints are closely adjacent to one another, then select those vertices and use Remove Doubles. You may have to adjust the Threshold value to get them all to “weld.” Once this has been done the mesh will act like a single unit. You will probably have to go in and remove internal faces if your cylinders have end caps at the joints.