How do I stretch somthing?

I want to stretch a flat plane horizontally as part of a logo, but I don’t know how.
(Kind of an expanding look)

You use either a single-bone Armature, a curve set to Stretch, a Lattice or RVK’s (there’s a link in my sig to tuts on RVK’s). All of which you’ll find browsing the index here:


I don’t understand armatures…

This time tomorrow you will:



If you don’t mind the texture on the plane to strech with it, you could just keyframe the scale in a particular direction!

eg: Scale in X direction:

Select Object in first frame of stretch
Hit “I” for Insert Keyframe
Select “Size” from the menu
Use arrow keys to go to last frame of strech
Hit “S” for Scale and then “X” to isolate X axis
Move mouse to strech plane - L Click to finish scaling
Hit “I” for Insert Keyframe
Select “Size” from the menu
Go back to first frame and use R-Arrow to check the frames one at a time (or Alt-A to simulate animation in current window)

ya, I figured out that I could just scale it on the axis. I was trying to move specific points in edit mode. That dosn’t work does it?

Yes it does; RVK’s (Relative Vertex Keys), look in the first link in my sig for tuts.


Ammusionist has the easiest way, size keyframing, especially for someone like you, mister “Kevster B Double-O-Seven!!” No offense, but I knew you were a forum noob when I first saw your question. I’m gonna read your profile now. Later!

Hey JoeSchmoe,

Just 'cause he’s a noobe, doesn’t mean he can’t challenge himself! This is how I learned, biting off more than I could chew and chewing like hell.

kevsterb007, you can find out how to animate the individual vertecies on a mesh HERE

Good Luck!

Sorry! You don’t have to get all defensive about it!

Hey, ammusionist, the link is broken (http error 404).

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