How do I take a game engine screenshot?

I was hoping someone couuld tell me how to take screenshots of my game so I can post them.Thanks to anyone who can help.:slight_smile:

with prt scr (print screen right to f12 above to delete left to scroll lock right above the backspace left above the ‘‘home’’ button) then you must paste it to a paint program or something and save it

Either what aapke said, or if you want to save a rendered version of the image you can press F12, then in the main blender window click File/Save Image.

You can write a quick Python script to take screenshots of your game. That way you can take multiple screenshots without having to shut down the game and use an image manipulation program every time. Here’s how:

In Logic Bricks, set up a keyboard sensor and select a key, then connect it to a Python controller. Give the Python controller this code:

import Rasterizer


Obviously, replace “myGame” with whatever you want the pictures to be named. If I remember correctly, the “#” character tells it to take them in number order (if myGame01.tga already exists, it will save the image as myGame02.tga, myGame03.tga, etc). makeScreenshot() will only save .tga files when you run the game outside of Blender (with the BlenderPlayer or in a runtime) but if you run the game in Blender you should be able to save to all of the available rendering formats (images only).

Hope that helped.

Thanks alot thats what I needed.I couldn’t really make any since of the first two posts ,once again thank you Blendenzo.

Thanks alot thats what I needed.I couldn’t really make any since of the first two posts ,once again thank you Blendenzo.:slight_smile:

The first reply was telling you that on Windows systems if you push the “Prt Scrn” button Windows will save a snapshot of the current screen to the clipboard. You can then paste it from the clipboard into your favorite image manipulation program (GIMP, Adobe PhotoShop, MS Paint, etc.). It’s a handy trick to know, especially if you didn’t have the forsight to set up a screenshot script before hand.

Second post was talking about rendering images with blender, not in realtime.