how do i tell blender 2.49b which ipo curve to use?

i have 4 similar movements - 3 to a set.
but when i click on a curve copy to adjust it - it want to adjust the original, or when i go to tthe original it wants to use the copy etc.
they are bones in pose mode
thanks all

Ok I have it here. If they all have the same name they are the same. with the pose ( your ipo curves ) in the ipo window arrow up to add new ( in data block name ). Your pose should be there with a new name and you can adjust it without adjusting the others .
Is that what you want to do?

well yes , but when i then click on the first - original one, if the name is the new name then the original starts using that curve!
i guess i click on the second bone THEN click new name?
thanks for your patience!

STILL not working
i go to the original and make sure all 3 have the right name.
go to the first copy bones and change to the correct ipo curves.
if i now click on the originals bones they do not have the right curves the have the copy names.
so on the copy when i change them i am also changing the first - original ones.
all are single copy

Maybe I do not understand what you are doing.
You want to copy a curve from one armature to another then edit the curve on the second armature ( the copied curve )? If this is it I made a short tut, I can upload in the morning if you need. or maybe someone can explain it better then me.

yes please
the problem is that the first one forgets what curves are its!

Ok I hope it helps if not its all I know.

aha -you select object - i have not been doing that. why do it?
thanks a lot