How do I tell the unwrapper to not warp the UV layout?

I come across the problem a lot. Whenever I add “logical” seams to a mesh and unwrap it, the layout is very often warped. I then have to select the edgeloops one by one and scale them to 0 on the appropriate axis. It doesn’t matter if I choose Angle Based or Conformal.


I would like to click unwrap and have the vase loops be laid out as straight lines instead of me doing the mundane work manually.


You need to use the appropriate method, depending on the shape - for this particular shape, try cylinder projection:)


@Roygee: I feel Cylinder and Cube projections work for very simple objects. I don’t find them useful at all to be honest. I just tried them and the result wasn’t great.

@Breagha, thanks for the link. i’ll try this out
EDIT: this addon is magic, exactly what i was looking for

@dyf - oh, I absolutely agree with you - normally simple projection mapping isn’t of much use, but in this case it worked:)

Something which puzzles me about UV mapping in Blender - does it use pins at all, as most other apps do? I have done all my mapping in UU3D, which, being a dedicated mapper, obviously has a lot more options than normal modeling apps. I would, as far as possible, like to do everything in Blender. Must say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of Blender’s unwrapping.

In dyf’s example, placing two pins, one at each end in the centre would cause the UV to unwrap symmetrically. Then there would be little or no need to straighten.

you can pin and unpin with P and alt-P.
it helps sometimes but in my case, it didn’t help much. the pinned vertices were not moved but the rest of the mesh still laid out in a curved manner like in my first post (unless i’m doing something wrong)

Yes, I found the pinning option after making the post - it is very different to what other apps do. In Blender’s case, it holds the pinned UV’s in place while others can be moved; in other apps pins hold UV’s in place and allow unwrapping to proceed symmetrically from the pinned verts.

Well, I am impressed with that addon - straightened out the UV’s with one click!

Thanks to Breagha for the link :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome, but I just read about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Imdjs is the real hero :wink: