how do I texture a target for a cannon?

OK I have a 32 vert circe(filled or not doesn’t matter) how would I go about puting this texture on it?

Hmm…I would use the UV texture editor to paste it on. Look for a few tutorials (as I’m too lazy to pull them up) on the wiki.

Hope this helps,

EDIT: Haha, Lostinspace is much better than I.

Enter uv select mode>>press a to select all>> open uv image edit mode>> press e to uv un wrap>> open the texture… wala!

Hope that helps!

You might want to check out something called “decals”, as it might be a simple way to “stick” the target image onto another object. I’d first recommend UV-face mapping like Lostinspace said, though.

thanks I never know unwarp existed thanks!