How do I to type in values to scale faces in edit mode in the Z axis?

Hi All
New to Blender. I couldn’t find a video or link online to explain this although I’m sure it’s probably very basic. I have a boxy shape for a bow plane for a sub and I want to scale down the front and back ends with precise scaling not by eyeballing it. In the example below my object is 24 CM in height and I want to scale the ends down to 3 CM.

I hit the “S” and “Z” keys in edit mode but I see nowhere to enter a value. Any advice or directions to a good video is most appreciated.

Just type a number or an expression and hit enter. For example: S Z .125 ENTER
Or, S Z 1/8 ENTER

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Thanks for the helpful info PhilN. That seems to work.

I would still prefer a field to enter accurate values and also to recheck dimensions later
for accurate modeling. Maybe in the next version!



After you perform an action a box appears in the lower left of the 3d view that allows you to adjust the values of the action you previously performed. You can’t enter specific length values, only scale percentage, but you can turn on edge length display and see what the length is as you adjust the scale.

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Appreciate that info thinsoldier.