How do i trace this kind of shape?

when i doing this tut:

i hav encoute a problem, i dont know how to trace this kind of shape

like this :

after i trace them it become look like this:

thank you

Maybe you have created TWO curve shapes, but you must have the two curves in just one Object.
there are different ways to get this:

  1. take your objects like they are, select both and then join them (STRG+J) to one object,
  2. just pay attention to add the second curve directly after constructing the first one without leaving editmode.

I hope this answers your question.

Well for that, you don’t even need to trace anything. Add a circle. Scale it/tweak it so it’s just right. Select all verts, extrude, and scale inwards to get the second circle. Done.

ooops. :wink:

yes, I see: for this specific shape this solution should be the faster one.
I should have seen it.

I have understood where my problem is, thank you guys