How do I transfer Particles and Cycle Render simulations to BGE ?


Before yesterday, I thought if I could make a huge landscape. I searched here and there, and I was reading tutorials around. I learn the nodes in Cycle Render ( btw coolest Internal -Engine :slight_smile: ) , and also read / saw on Baking Textures ( :eek: awesome thing I ever seen on Blender ) and transfer them to the BGE . And I tested all these things in little scenes.

Now the problem (more the doubt) : I added a grid mesh ( 400x400 and I add scale to a factor of 20 :cool:, I want to go WILD on this ^^ ). So I making the montains and the landscape and I had a idea:

  • " Why not make a volcano in the middle of the landscape ? That would be fantastic , would cause him to be the " center of attention " , with that smoke and lava spewing everywhere !" -

But then I thought:

  • " Yeah, yeah … And how can you transfer the particles and the simulation Cycle Render to BGE ? " Cycle Render to BGE , with textures and models is easy. And the particles ? I make them in Cycle Render and there is some way to transfer them to the BGE ? Or I do them in the BGE ?

( PS.: Excuse me if this is a stupid question and of course , sorry for my bad English . ) :o

Any smoke or particle effects in any game engine are usually faked with a textured plane that is always facing the player and usually has an animated alpha channel (so it fades out over time). You can’t exactly bake a particle system. The closest you could get would be to render out something around 20 frames and then created an animated UV texture that will replay the rendered frames.


hmmm … okok , so I’ll find a few more tutorials, mostly about particles . And according to what you’re saying , it is preferable to do the particles in the very BGE ?

(PS.: By the way one of the tutorials on Baking I saw was yours! :slight_smile: Good Job! )

You will need to build a complete particle from scratch (quite complex) however there are some simple alternatives (my other videos):
fire + smoke:


Depends what type of effect you want.


If it is complex , it’s nothing that scares me :)!I 've been watching this tutorial:

And I liked a lot the quality of the particles , is that if I follow the tutorial and do this in BGE will have the same quality ? Or better yet .. I am able to do ? ( since they are two different Engines ? :eek:) Thank you for the answers to my doubts!