How do I transform an Objects Origin???

Hi guys i hav a big problem.
How do i Transform(rotate, move) an objects origin without transforming the objects itself???

(Issues with Copy Rotation)

In object mode place the 3d cursor where you want the origin to be. Then “origin to 3d cursor” using either search (space-bar) or from the Object Transform menu.

Yeah I know that but is there any way to rotate the Origin???

My guess would be: the Origin is based on the World’s parameter. Wouldn’t “turn the Origine” be equivalent to “change the World’s Coordinates”?

What’s is the issue with copy-rotation,? I assume it’s object level, but?

I’m sure there’s a way of doing it, but if you want a couple of old school work arounds…

Go to edit mode and select all the vertices. Then transform them until they are in the position you want relative to the origin. (because you are in edit mode the origin won’t move. Or…

Create a cube and transform it until it’s origin is where you want to transform your object to. Then join your original object to the cube. The original object will now adopt the origin of the cube. Now delete the cubes vertices. (When you join the object to the cube it will also take on the name and other attributes from the cube.

Hope that helps