How do I turn off the grid in orthographic mode?

I would like to turn off the grid but cannot find how.

Which version of blender? 2.8 it is in the overlays, 2.79 it is in the properties “N” panel

Sorry…version 2.8

It is in the overlays it is just a checkbox to click and it will hide the grid

Default Checked


The question was about Orthographic views though, and right now you cannot disable there. Current conversation is here I think:

@deadpin Look at the top left of the second image above. It is in orthographic.

Straight Orthographic View with grid turned off.

Not on recent builds. Your build looks pretty old – 2.80.37 (we’re on 2.80.48 now)

Deadpin is correct Flying Banana. I am unable to get rid of the grid when I hit 1, 3, or 7. What I have done is to change the line color to a subtle blue violet so that my edges stand out un-selected against the black lines of the grid.

Thank you both for your replies.

I understand that but honestly till 2.8 is RC then it will constantly be changing. So stick with one that works for what you need and people need to understand that some features will not be available during all stages of Beta development. They may show up and disappear and reappear during the stages of the building phase.


You can adjust the alpha of the grid. In the themes section of preferences
No Alpha

This is with the alpha adjusted

And just for Version Info

This will be the end of me answering and 2.8 related questions till it is a RC as mentioned above features will come and go till 2.8 is out of Beta. So yes the above is a workaround but next release who knows maybe it will be back the way it was. So that is all I am saying about what Beta means.

Please don’t not reply because of something I said. I did not mean to be offensive in any way. Your comments have helped me. I do know that 2.8 will be changing until the final. I very much appreciate your giving your time to help me. I would hate to think I said something that would make you pull back from helping others. Your referencing the alphas was very helpful.

Thank you FlyingBanana.

Wasn’t really geared towards you. Just getting tired of all the complaints about stuff changing constantly then getting testy about it. No worries on your end and sorry if you felt I was upset. I just know what is involved with beta releases and especially one that involves a UI interface layout and change as I am beta testing someone else’s 2.8 build for use with another compositing software.

Well your alpha instructions made my day. Worked like a charm. I am a 70 year old retired traditional artist who finally has time to play around with Blender and some other digital 2D and 3D programs.

Let me put it this way…if this had happened in a post prior to my having asked for help with this and you had already decided that you weren’t going to help any more until 2.8 was finalized then I would not have had any solution to my problem except to be informed that it was not possible to get rid of the grid. Your method of tweaking the alpha got me exactly what I needed… so your input has really helped me. And I am sure it will help many others.

But I am not qualified to give advice to others when I do not pitch in and help on the forums. So I am grateful to you for this piece of advice. Thank you again. By the way I am very thin-skinned and have often felt insutled by some commenters on different forums when all I wanted to do was pitch in to try to help. So I do understand…to a certain degree.

But thank you!

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