How do I turn on gravity in 2.5?

seems dumb but I can’t figure out how to turn on gravity in 2.5, it disappeared going from alpha0 to alpha 2? only seems to work with cloth physics. Sorry but I can’t find any documentation on it eather.

Not got blender open but isn’t gravity a global setting so in the World section, if not check the Scene settings. I think it moved at some point but it’s pretty obvious to see in one of these.

Yes it is a global value setting but it is turned off; I can’t seem to select an object and turn on bullet physics effects any more. I hope I’m not being stupid but I spent a week looking for a way to do this before posting the question. I see force fields but no option for gravity there. Hitting ctrl-A doesn’t do anything.

In the top header you can see Blender Render enabled (if I recall correct). You need to set it to Game engine. The Bullet physics stuff will appear in the Physics properties window

Thanks, I new it had to be something simple!

BUT it still only works if you have the cloth modifier on the falling object. Is that the way its supposed to work?

Objects with bullet physics can’t fall with Shift+A, if that’s what you mean. Only works in the game engine, pressing P