how do i unwrap in 2.49

im not too good with the 2.5 so im useing 2.49 i find it easyer
but i want to know how to unwrap a 32*32 grid so there all little squares all in a line on my texture to make a earth or something thanks :slight_smile:

hmm I use 2.49b too and I like it better when it comes to interface as for your problem as an example the easiest way is to open your image in the uv image editor and then
go into edit mode and hit ā€œuā€ key and select type of unrap in your case I think u would use sphere unrap if u r using a sphere shape if u want to have it run in glsl material
then u will have add new material then goto texture button then add new image and and select that image that u want on object then go back to materials and goto map input
panel and select the button uv

oh thanks thats all i needed was the quick key lol :slight_smile: