How do I update values in a pynode script?

I’m beginning to learn about pynodes by learning to use the texture changer switch that switches textures on a material based on the frame number.

The node script contains an array of the values of which frames you want to start and stop a texture. I opened the py text file and the example values seemd to work for the most part but now I want to change the values in the data array. Can I do that within the text window in the blend or must I do that externally and reload the node script? I tried editing the values in the text window and selecting run pythin script but that didn’t see to work.

you can edit the node script in the text editor allright but you have to click the update button on the node itself to reload the script. Unfortunately that will diconnect all links, so you will have to reconnect those again.

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If I “internalize” the script, what does that do?

when you internalize a script (or any other text) you let an external copy of a file replace an internal one. You can then do away with the external file as a script does not have to reside in an external file at all.
(you will see the option to internalize a text if the external file that is associated with the text is newer than the internal text itself, e.g. if you edited it with an external editor)

Saves it in the .blend instead of reading it off disk so you can share your work and not have the scripts be broken I believe.