How do I use bump-maps in Blender's game engine?

Can somebody tell me how to use bump maps in game? There are absolutley no tutorials for it rather than modelling a model with 300000 polygons, then baking it at converting it to low poly. I tried to use SSBUMP, and SHADERBUMP, but non of them worked on my vista 32-bit computer.

Is there any way I can use blender’s normal-maps in game? (Ya know, when you hit the normal button) When I hit render, it comes out perfectly, but when I hit P it doesn’t even show up. I’ve been going around in circles for about 3 days now searching threads and forums and tutorials, trying to unstall bump-map generaters that don’t even work. I’m just like :spin:.

I need to learn how to use blender’s normal maps in-game so if guys can help, that would be awesome.

Here is my bump-map that I want to do to help you to get to know what I mean. I just want to use them in-game (glsl doesn’t show them either)

Thanks for your time, I am a noob and feel like this would be a huge leap for me that I need to take,and I can’t advance until I learn this. thanks!

I had that same problem until I realized that the normal button I was supposed to use is the one in the texture buttons (F6) that says"Normal Map" and not just the NOR button in the materials buttons.

It’s very easy. In your materials settings you go to textures and you add your normal map as a texture in a new slot. Just the same as you would with a normal texture image. Then in the shaders menu you go to the texture tab and under “map to”, you depress col (color) and click nor (normals). (If you press it twice, the letters become yellow and the deformation goes in the other direction). You can adjust the strenth with the Nor slider below.
UV’s work the same as for a color texture

good luck

hey atach the normal map o the .blend and you need to be in glsl mode to use normal maps, so thats why it dont work, and bump map is diferent to normal map(i think), bump is like a height map that is a normal map upgraded.
Well if you need more explaination post the .blend with the map and then i ll try to help.
Good luck

Download crazybump it is easy to make normal maps if you to make some


Blender uses Normal maps, you can use crazy bumps, or the gimp plugin to convert an image(bump map) into a normal map.

To use normal maps in blender you need to:

Make sure you are in GLSL mode: up on the top bar > under Game > GLSL

Add a material to the object.

Add a texture to the material.

Load a normal map, and select normal map under the map image area

I attached an example.


Normal map example.blend (135 KB)

The normal map must be a the first texture in the texture stack or it won’t work, in addition to everything else that has already been said. And I agree, the documentation could be better.

Btw, there is a great normalmap plugin for GIMP. It even has a 3d preview window. I use it alot: