How do I use RenderLayers?

I haven’t figured out how to use them (and most of the node system as well)

Any help?

It’s not hard. For example create cube in edit layer 1 and sphere in edit layer 2.

Go to render buttons, add a second render layer, select which edit layers belong to which render layer. (render layer one and view layer one, render layer two and view layer two). Still in the render buttons hit “Do Composite” in the Anim pane.

Go to Node editor, hit Composite nodes (looks like a picture), click Use nodes. You’ll get a “Render Layer” node with the Render layer one. Shift+A, Add input/Render layers. Select the second render layer. And there you go.

Now you can combine them with the power of nodes.

Thank you, ondrew

check the wiki - Composition section, using RenderLayers. just wrote it last week. hope it helps. If not, plz use Discussion page for comments.