how do i use the game engine ?

ok i know im sounding like a big newbie and i am when it comes to useing blender . but i have serched for a wile now all over the web for some help in useing the blender game engin . and i cant find anything that will tell me how i use it or how i even get started with building a game in blender . can some one please help and clear up a few questions i have .

  1. how do i use the basic game building funtions in the 2.41 version . this means basicly how do i even start the game engine or start building a game .

  2. what kind of limitations and or bugs in the engine do i need to watch out for . and if i can how do i go about fixing them .

  3. how much in the way of codeing am i going to be looking at . and can i do it completely in python script or am i going to have to know c++ as well.

  4. to what levle of grafix can i expect from the game engine . basicly how many polys will i be limeted to so as to not hamper framerate . and is there a good method i can take to keeping them under that limet if there is one .

thats basicly it for now . like i said i have been hunting around for the answers for a wile and havent found any as of yet . please if some one can even help me in starting up the building process for my game i will be most grateful. thank you for any help you can provide.

Try this tutorial. He calls it itermediate, but you should be able to follow it.

and use this for reference:

thank you for guideing me to that tutorial it will help me but it still dosnt answer my question . how do i even start with building my game in blender . i mean what do i just start building all the modles and media then figer out how to plug them into the engine ? were do i begin ? its a realy simple question that evryone on this forum (exept my self obviously ) seems to know . like the tut says its an intermediate tut. that meens there is a begining some were . but were is this begining ? ill take a closer look at that tut but if i could have a basic starting point to begin from in useing this game engine that would be great.

ok i took a much closer look at that tut . and all i need now is a simple yes or no responce . am i corect in thinking that all i need to do in starting the building prosess of my game is to stert with modleing evry thing that i want in my game then adding the armetures and any other media and scripting that my game will use then just fire up the engine and it will play automaticly? like i said befor im a newbie to blender and it is way diffrent from anything that i have even touched before.


It is up to you how to start. I prever to build a little prototype first to see how the logic works. This is only to see if something works as I expected.

Best thing would be to write down what you want to do. Then detail what you need to create (models, textures, sounds, levels). Describe the logic of the game. Now you have an overview how much work you have to do. It doesn’t matter if this is implemented in Blender or not.

My advice is start with prototyping and get familiar with the logic. Then start with simple games (like tetris) and go on for bigger projects.

Normally you build scripts with python. You can also code Blender directly in C++ as the sources are available.

Have fun :slight_smile:

hey thank you , that is what i needed to know . and i am not new to building games totaly so i do have a good idea what im doing its just that i havnt used any thing like blender before like i said . up till now i have been mostly useing reality factory as well as umteen million other programs like 3ds max 8 and stuff like that . how ever it sounds like im going to need to learn how to code in order to build my game in blender .is this definatly going to be the case ? if so i think ill stick to useing python . it seems like a very stable scripting laguage pluss easer to learn than c++. i already have alot of my basic game ideas down and in truth its farely strate forward . its setup as a fps game , but will play more like a survival horror . this would include cut sceens and a totle story boarded plot to the game . still ironing out the detals of it but im likeing the consept . ive already asumed that if all go’s smoothly with its construction it should only take me about a year or two to build on my own . that is some that is subject to change . one more thing that i have noticed around the forum . the frame rate in the game engine sounds like its realy buggy , what is its isue ? is this something i can work around ? or should i look in to useing a diffrent engine with blender like cristalblend or ogre in order to put the best game i can out .

what is its isue ? is this something i can work around ? or should i look in to useing a diffrent engine with blender like cristalblend or ogre in order to put the best game i can out .

You can set the tic rate up some to help. Ive found a tic rate of 50 to work best, but it is just a workaround. It’s very simple to do but learn more first. If your game is going to take a year or two, I’d stick with Blender. The amount of work you can get done in it will out do anything around. You can modify actions right in the scene, change modeling, and press play to check your changes. There’s nothing that compares to it for one man development that I know about. Python is all you need to program. Someone will take care of the timeing by the time your game is done even if it’s me, although I’ve barely looked at the source and I hope it’s someone else. Ogre isn’t a complete game engine and you’ll have to do a lot of extra work to make it one, crystalblend is supposed to be a bit of a pain to program with but I haven’t tried it. There’s pay for engines like Torque, 3d game maker, etc. that have a few more features, but Blender should have what you need by the time your ready. Blender has shaders, although my card doesn’t support them so I don’t care. If your trying to do something professional that you sell you might want to look around. If it’s a free game, I’d use Blender. There’s a pretty large user base of people that will probably try it out if it looks anything decent, and eye candy really doesn’t cut it much anymore. People want original content, at least I do. Anyway, it’s up to you, but I’d at least try using Blender before I went off looking somewhere else.

yeah i know what you mean fireside . i do want to sell this game and it is a big project for a single person to take on . i have been looking around at a ton of other stuff and as i said before i have been useing reality factory for a bit now . i did look into 3d game maker and do have the unfortunate experiance of useing TGC’s fps creator engine and worked a little with darkbasic pro , and frankly TGC’s stuff is a peace of crap that was put together half assed . the only good part about it is its simplistic usage and easy learning . but other than that its basicly only good for source media material and not much else . if all the gliches can get worked out of the blender engine i think it would be a great engine to use even for profesional work . ive seen some of the stuff made with it and im very impressed at its versitilaty in styles of games it can build . if i might ask , is the game engine also writen in python ? cause if so that might be an intresting project to get into once i figer out python scripting , wich i do intend on learning . perhapes i could write then an entire set of engines for blender but each one would be specifecly desisned for a certain type of game . i.e one engine would be for fps games wile anothe type would be more like a survial horro and yet a third one could be for raceing . in you guysess opinion do you think that would be an intresting thing for blender to have insted of one engine that dose evrything have specilized engines that can be used with it insted of its default engine? i know it sounds like a pipe dream idea and would require alot of work but do you think it could be done is what im asking?