How do I UV map a dog's body and the gums, teeth and tongue at the same time?

I have a dog model I have made. It has the body, eyeballs, tongue, upper and lower teeth and gums. They are all separate objects. How do I UV map them at the same time? The inner parts of the mouth are hidden by the body mesh.

In Object mode, I select all the objects and then go into Edit mode and select the UV Editing window. One window has the UV square and the other window shows the dog model. When I go to “Select All” it just selects the body and not the objects inside (tongue teeth, etc.). So it just UVs the outer body.

Then, repeating this process, I select the upper teeth and gums (all one mesh) and it unwraps to a separate UV square.

Is it better to do it this way or should I use UDIMS (which I don’t really know how to use yet) and get it all to map out on contiguous UV squares?

This dog will be animated for personal use or possibly fo a small TV commercial intro.

Thanks for any pointers on this.

It sounds then like you have all of the parts of your model as separate objects, right?

If you want to have them all as one single UV map, then simply select all of the relevant objects, and CTRL J to join them as a singular object. Then when you go into edit mode, it should have everything in one single space.

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Personally I would keep the body, eyes, tongue and teeth all as separate objects. Unless there’s a very specific reason for it too all be one whole mesh and a single texture map (like maybe to be used in a game engine), then it will be much easier to work on them one at a time and even with different resolution texture maps.

I would however make the gums part of the body, basically fully connected within the inside mouth cavity.

If you are just starting out with UV maps and all that, I wouldn’t try to over complicate things at this stage with UDIM’s and I really don’t think you need them.

Hmmm :thinking:… using an additional Cylinder with 6 sides, selecting Cube and Cylinder, get into Edit mode, select all, unwrap smart… (all in 3d view) → Result:

Maybe not going into UV Editor ??

You can Un-Wrap each object individually, using various ways of unwrapping, Box, Cylinder, etc.

Then back in Object Mode shift Select each object, ( Use the Outliner to get at hidden objects, teeth, tongue, etc.
Enter edit mode, and select all… In the UV window, you will see a jumbled mess, but just select Pack Islands with your margin set…

Thanks guys…I learned a lot. Got the dog unwrapped, scaled, and packed with decent margins.

Sure appreciate you all having taken the time to offer the help.