How do I UV unwrap this shape

I have created a basic window frame sort of shape that I am using in a scene that I am working on. I started simple and unwrapped it and would add more and more detail until finally I couldn’t figure out how to unwrap it without some serious problems. I am VERY new to UV unwrapping. I understand the basics of marking and clearing seams and then selecting all and pressing ‘U’ and hitting “unwrap.” That is all I have so far. I can unwrap a simple cube. I have watched a few tutorials but not many. I would be happy to watch any additional ones.

Could someone walk me through unwrapping this shape? Series of images or even a video would be nice. I don’t necessarily need it to be perfect or anything. I am just at a point where I must understand how to unwrap this. I am looking to apply a basic wood texture from CGTextures with the grain all going from left to right (or right to left).

Thanks for the help.


help_with_unwrapping.blend (564 KB)

U > “Smart uv project” will work here and on these types of objects and you don’t need to use seams with smart uv unwrap. I learned quite a bit about UVs by using smart uv over and over.

When it comes to adding seams for the regular Unwrap option don’t be afraid to try putting a seam in a place, unwrap again, and see what it did. You can add 1 seam at a time until it begins to give desired results.

Hi, as FoundationsofPause mention and rotate parts of the mesh to fit wood structure.
It is also important to model it like a real window, carpenter always work with mitre (bevel).

Cheers, mib

@FoundationsofPause Thanks for the reply. I have not tried smart UV project yet. Thanks for the tip on that one. As far as adding seams went, I spent probably an hour on this simple model just adding seams and then unwrapping to see what would happen. I had a lot of situations where I would select a vertex and it would select multiple vertices at once. This was because it was a shared vertex. Is this a common thing? Was I doing something wrong?

@mib2berlin Thanks. I will definitely model it to look more like a window. I think I will find a nice window reference and go from there. Here is what the scene looks like currently with the window in question in it:

Obviously I still have a lot of work to do. I haven’t even really decided what I am making. I really just wanted to play with the fluid simulator and different materials in Cycles.