how do I view textures on solid mode? (pic included)

is there a way to kinda view textures on solid mode? I think this guy on the picture below is doing it… it’s a picture from yo frankie low poly tree tutorial

is there a way?

View / View Properties / select Solid Tex or just Shift+T

hey thanks! I tried it and there it is! textures on solid view thanks :smiley:

can you explain waht you mean to see textuer in solid view

i tried to set it in view prope but don’t see any difference in viewport ?

so does it means you can see procedural textures in viewport or only images may be and how ?

and does this exist also in 2.5 ?


You should have the object uv unwrapped and the texture you want assigned to it in the uv/image editor, so it cannot show procedural textures, only image textures.
In 2.5 in the Properties panel (N) under Display select the Textured Solid tickbox below your shading option.Shading.