How do I weight paint a curve?

Hey everyone. I was experimenting lately to see if I could make an effect that would be something like particle hair (such as that found on the human head) flapping in the wind. I wanted to do this via curveguides, softbodies, and fields. However, I am encountering a problem. I cannot seem to get Blender to recognize different weights with a curve - be it bezier, NURBS, or a path. A softbody has to have some sort of “goal” based on different weights, otherwise it will just fall down into infinity! (or bob up and down stiffly - take your pick.) The furthest I could get was a NURBS that bobbed up and down, but didn’t flutter like I wanted it to, and there was this one time I had bezier curve that fluttered on several control points, but the others remained stiff and stick-like. I’m not sure why the bezier curve did this, though - even while fiddling with the “weight set” interface for curves I haven’t been able to replicate it since. I spent an hour or so on this, scrutinizing the pages of the Blender wiki and some other tutorials for help. Is there anyone here that can give me some help relating to the creation of different weights within a curve for the purpose of a softbody-enabled curve? Thanks in advance,


The “W” button on the softbody panel next to use goal! And then playing with goal and weight values.
The weight values are in the floating panel when you hit “N” in edit mode and 3d view.
Set “set weight” interface in the curve tool has no meaning for softbody goals but defines how strong the control point attracts the nurb curve statically.