How do I zoom onto an object properly?

Hi there,

I am a complete newbie. How do I do the above? I know that the zoom feature can be accessed by scrolling MMB or ctrl MMB and moving it. But it seems that the zoom is tied to the origin somehow and that I can’t get to zoom in past this point.

Also, how do I make a sort of custom box with the mouse and zoom right into that… or just zoom or rotate around a selected object in general? Like in Maya, I can use ctrl-alt and make a box and I’ll zoom right into that.

I hope I’ve explained it clearly. Thanks in advance on any help… .or just any tip on orienting myself in Blender in general!

Menu select File > User Preferences, under Interfaces check box “Zoom to Mouse Position.” Then select Save as Default button at the lower left in User Preferences dialog box.

To Border Zoom (when not in Camera View), press Shift+B and you’ll zoom in on that space.

Hey thanks a lot. Those tips are exactly what I needed. Is there also a previous view and a next view? I messed around a bit, but couldn’t find it.

And remember numpad-0 will zoom to selected.

I believe you mean Numpad-dot (.). Numpad 0 gives you the camera view.

I use a laptop :frowning:

I’ve had the emulate numpad thingie enabled… but how do I find this numpad (.)???

@fweeb you’re correct. silly me. use both all the time, just got things twisted.

You may be able to use Numpad-dot (.) by using the Fn key on your laptop… however, in my experience, whether it works or not varies from one laptop to the next. You may just be better off remapping that operation to a different (hopefully unused) hotkey.

Err… sorry for the continuous newbie questions… but how do I do that? :open_mouth:

Most laptops have the ability to access a makeshift numpad on their keyboards (it’s usually indicated in italics with a number on the lower right of each key). You use these keys by holding down an Fn key (usually on the bottom left of the keyboard) and then pressing one of the keys labeled as a numpad key.