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i am wanting to make something like the image below, looking like it all came from one lump of clay or whatever…i have tried using surfaces such as a sphere but can only munipulate it so much, without having to add another, but then i try to join them and they have a seam…any clues? please?

(Schlops) #2

Either use Metaballs or (as in the above posted image) a subsurf mesh: create a raw outline of the object using a mesh and then press “subsurf” in the edit buttons (F9) to see what happens.

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(valarking) #3

like Schlops said, except you should also add in fake gi (global illumination, achieved with radiosity or dupliverted lamps), do you know how to do that?

(funkychild) #4

Here’s the .blend if you’re interested to take a look…

(Monkeyboi) #5

It doesn’t even seem like you know how to extrude (you talk about joining spheres). With any number of faces selected press the E key. This extrudes out the selected points or faces.