How do i ...

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make a armature parent to a part of my object ?

I have done the Mr. Basic Tutorial (Blender Tutorial Guide 2.0), now i want to put in bones for e.g. my both arms.

when i right click the mesh i allways the the WHOLE mesh. as far as i understood the animation stuff right now i have to select the body(mesh) of the object i want to animate with my bones(armatures).

Now i have Mr. Basic consisting of some planes extruded to a body. i cant “just” select e.g. the right arm and make it parent to the armatures i put in the right arm. always the complete object gets selected.

Animation works wonderful on one arm, but i cant get both arms running independ and at the same time.

How can i select a part of an object for the “make parent” step (in the IKA) ?

I dont mean the “b” select. that owrks nice in edit mode, i am not in edit mode when i try to make the bone to a parent of my arm.

can anyone help me out please ?


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From what you have described, both of the bones in your armature for the arms are one armature, correct?

If so, and your arm meshes are seperate items, then the armature will only affect the one specific mesh.

To make the armatures work properly, you need to be in edit mode and select the portion of the mesh that you want to control with each individual armature. Use the “NEW” and “ASSIGN” buttons in the edit buttons menu (F9).

Once you have all of your groupings done, then parent the armature to the mesh and all should eb OK. Check out Lyubomir’s tutes on Blenderchar for more info on this stuff.


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Yep, my Armature consists of 2 bones, called L_Arm_Oben and L_Arm_Unten. This works nice. I have done the grouping stuff with success, the animation of one arm works great.

Just when i try to get both armatures (the one for the left side and the one for the right side) working, i fail at the step where i tell blender, that my armature is a parent of my mesh-object. (RightClick on Mesh-Object, SHIFT+RightClick on e.g. left armature, and CTRL+P make parent and use armature) the animation just works on the armature where i last made the armatuer to the parent. Always it works just on one side.

Thanks so far, next i will check the link, maybe i find the answer there. no clue what i am doing wrong :confused: