how do i...

take that thing off the search engin. like if i type in foot . then i type in f. foot comes up

is it on firefox? or any internet browser? if it is what im thinking, just clear the history

internet explorer


someones been looking at porn…

its in the internet options under tools up there ^

You need to disable auto-complete. Use the windows help system.

tools, internet options, clear history


someone from work had the same problem…tut tut

Heheh, we’ve all been there. If you lock your history file, your browser will never remember your naughty doings. Also set your download manager to auto clear so you don’t forget to remove completed downloads.

If you switch to using firefox, there’s an extension called X that is known as paranoia and when you click it, it removes all traces (including the cache). Safari (for mac) has a reset feature that does similar. The good thing about firefox’s X is that you can choose to keep passwords.


shbaz is right, its auto-complete that you need to turn off. Tools > Internet Options > Content. you will also want to clear the temporary internet files and history (general tab in internet options) as others have said. cookies too, most likely.

If you’re doing this at your workplace, you realize they keep logs, right? You can never completely remove all evidence.

The simplest solution is to avoid looking at these things where you ought not to be… thats assuming that SkeLeToR is right in his assumption.


:stuck_out_tongue: internet options and clear history and cookies for me :P.

looks like you had the same problem some time ago :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

It forgets after a while. I think you may have to delete your internet history.

looks like you had the same problem some time ago :stuck_out_tongue: LOL[/quote]

sure did… :smiley:

You could also download some freeware internet eraser from or some other files archieve… most of the time there will be an autocomplete eraser in there too …

o thanks for reminding me deletes cookies clears hirstory thew that was close :P.

I think it’s just scary the number of people who replied with the answer :stuck_out_tongue:

why its perfectly natural to want to see …
stuff, and keep your privacy too.
hehe besides if you type in digimon porn into teh google you get one of my fav webcomics…


look in there…Content.IE5 will be hidden just type it in adress bar

C:\Documents and Settings*your username**\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

omg what all this :slight_smile: … also good for freeing up hard drive space, delete the lot, the dat file may be protected so edit in dos and remove all entries.

#that folder “Content.IE5” will be in “Temporary Internet Files” where ever you have it… but a search wont find it, only specifing it in a folder address bar seems to find it :frowning:

No so.

No so.[/quote]

Really? Sorry oxman. I forgot, you’re happily married and have no need for naughty internet sites, right?

All I need is love. It’s another realm. Not far away.
But no need to apologize. Just letting you know that not everyone walks every way.